All images are from original photography or illustration by Ronald Newsham at Wheelhouse Art. © Ronald Newsham 2018.

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Pyrography is one of my hobbies. I first used it to design a book jacket when in college. However, I haven't really thought about it, until last year, when I found myself with some time on my hands after being made redundant from a long career in Graphic Design.

So, I bought a cheap pyrography tool, and set about creating some art objects. I enjoy the whole process of finding the wood, cutting to shape, sanding, burning and polishing. All the wood I use is found wood.

It s rather time consuming - a lot longer than lino-cuts, for example - but I do find it extremely relaxing and therapeutic.

It gives me time to think.

Because of the size and weight of some of the objects these are currently only available to buy from the Craft Gallery and The Wheelhouse Art Shop at Merton Abbey Mills, Wimbledon, London SW19 2RD.